Creating value through people and ideas

encapsulates the vision and mission of Business Concept

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Creating value through people and ideas encapsulates the vision and mission of Business Concept’s Founder and Managing Director, Cheong Wing Kiat, internationally renowned Business Family Strategist. Since its inception in August 1990, Business Concept has evolved from nurturer of businesses – providing infrastructure, funding and mentoring many start-ups that are now market leaders in their market segments in the health and functional food industries throughout the region – to a highly sought-after family business consultancy.

In addition to its continuing role as a family investment holding equity, property and passion assets, it provides Advisory Services covering:

  1. Family and Business Strategies
  2. Mentoring Family Business successors
  3. Identifying and monitoring service providers

Over and above this, principal Cheong Wing Kiat is a much sought after educator on family, business and wealth management.

Wing Kiat draws on his experience in the coalface of managing a diverse third-generation Chinese family business, having been involved in all the natural “crossroads” that it, and others like it, have had to hit along the way.

A graduate from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and a Master of Science degree in International Marketing from Strathclyde University (UK). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.

Wing Kiat’s career has spanned the gambit – from a corporate accountant, venture capitalist and management consultant to becoming what he describes as “business leader” of one of South East Asia’s best known and successful Chinese family businesses, the Wen Ken Group.

“Each T-junction requires a different set of criteria by which a decision needs to be made. The secret is to forecast when a company will hit such a crossroad, and to plan your journey before you get to that point,” he says.

Cheong Wing Kiat:

“When I was 17 I read three books that had a profound impact on my life –

  1. “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill
  2. “Lateral Thinking” by Edward de Bono
  3. “Weaknesses of Human Nature” by Dale Carnegie.

 Three ‘classics’ that not only inspired me to have life goals but also helped me set the compass towards them.”  


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商念私人有限公司(Business Concept Pte Ltd)由张荣杰先生1990年创办。创办以来,商念就 一直致力 于保健、功能食品的投资与研发,以及琥珀和虫珀收藏品的商业经营,另提供企业家族管理的咨询顾问。

张先生毕业于新加坡国立大学取得会计学士学位,并获得英 国斯特拉斯克莱德大学国际市场硕士学位。他也是新加坡特许会计师 协会 和新加坡董事协会的会员。

张先生的职业生涯从会计师、国际业务发展主管、风险资本投资经理、永健集团(一个拥有八十年 历史的家族企业)的领导者,到成为商业天使以及企业家族策略师和学者,对诸多商业领域皆颇有 心得。

我在17岁的时候阅读了三本对我的生活影响深刻的书——拿破仑・希尔的《思考致富》、爱德华·德 ·博诺的《水平思考法》和戴尔·卡耐基的《人性的弱点》。这三本经典好书不但启发了我设定人生 目标,还为我指明了方向。



Wen Ken Group is a multi-family business and owner of the renowned Three Legs Brand (Cap Kaki Tiga) Cooling Water in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Founded in 1937, the group is in the R&D, production and marketing of Western OTC drug, Traditional Chinese Medicine, natural medicine, health supplement and functional food and drink products.

Established in Nov 1997, MarinEx Pharmaceuticals was a joint venture between Singapore Bio-Innovations, a life sciences investment fund of Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Wen Ken Group. MarinEx is in development and marketing of health supplements and functional foods, focusing on joints, bones and skin health.

Founded in January 1999, GlucosCare International specialises in the R&D of glucose-management herbal tea products that are clinically proven as safe and effective in managing high blood sugar, and improving general health.GlucosCare products are distributed to more than 20 countries all over the world.

Incorporated on 24 Feb 2006, Aromaz was founded by a team of professionals, and funded by corporate and angel investors in the food and health product industry. Aromaz has provided OEM services to two brand owners to winning the renowned Singapore Prestige Brand Awards (SPBA), and has become synonymous with reliable, quality and excellence supporting partner in OEM services.

A trusted brand since 1935, Zhen Zhen (真真) is famous for its Flu/Fever and Cooling teas. In 2007, it entered into a corporate tie-up with Wen Ken Group.

Incorporated in 2008, Amber Collections Pte Ltd is a significant collector of Indonesia & Myanmar Ambers in Asia. It also possesses the world largest Amber, weighing 50.4 kilos (as in Sep 2016). The company aims to build the largest Amber trading, exchange & museum in Asia Amber is fossilised tree resin, and is valued for its colours & natural beauty. Amber can be used as Jewellery & decorative objects, ingredient in traditional medicines, perfumes and more. Some rare Amber even contains insects (i.e. mosquitos, flies, ants), spiders, plants, & other small organisms dating back 100 over million years ago.

Founded in 2014, Fæsol is a food manufacturing partner who innovates safe and natural food solutions.

Fæsol’s corporate logo describes her marketing position in detail. ‘F’ represents food. ‘æ’, which is pronounced as ‘ee’ replaces the ‘I’ in Innovation and ‘sol’ represents solutions. Fæsol is a company which offers food innovation solutions. In the trademarked logo, ‘Fæ’, navy blue, represents authority, stability and intelligence. ‘sol’ in green, comes from the Germanic root as words ‘grass’ and ‘grow’.


Passion and High Returns:
How a Labour of Love can Turn into a Profitable Investment

Date: 18th Oct 2017
Venue:  Montreux, Switzerland
Organised by: Marcus Evans

Presentation Materials:  –  Download PDF or PPT 


Introduction to:
Amber Collections Pte Ltd

Date: 16th Jun 2017 
Venue:  Singapore
Organised by: 

Presentation Materials:  –  Download PDF or PPT 


Passion and High Returns:
How a Labour of Love can Turn into a Profitable Investment

Date: 12th Apr 2017 
Venue:  Macau
Organised by: Marcus Evans

Presentation Materials:  –  Download PDF or PPT 


NUS-Nanhai Business School Executive Programme :
Case Study – Wen Ken Group

Date: 13th Dec 2016 
Venue:  NUS Bukit Timah Campus
Organised by: NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Presentation Materials:  –  Download PDF or PPT 


Family Office & Private Investor Forum – Ask A Family

Date: 10th Nov 2016 
Venue:  Singapore
Organised by: PEI Media

Presentation Materials:  –  Download PDF or PPT 


The Wen Ken Story: 1995 – 2011

Date: 29th Sep 2016
Venue:  NUS Business School
Organised by: NUS Business School

Presentation Materials:  –  Download PDF or PPT


Handing Over the Baton: 3rd Generation Leadership

Date: 3rd Aug 2016
Venue:  The Pan Pacific Singapore
Global Executive Leadership Summit 2016
Organised by: Kemin Industries

Presentation Materials:  –  Download PDF  or PPT


Metamorphosis: Family Business to Family Office 

Date: 12th Jul 2016
Venue:  SMU, Singapore
One Asia Wealth Camp 2016: The Next Generation – Securing Your Future 
Organised by: One Asia Investment Partners

Presentation Materials:  –  Download PDF  or PPT


 Fireside Chat with an Indonesian Chinese Business Family:

Date: 12th Mar 2016
Venue:  Jakarta, Indonesia
Organised by: 

Presentation Materials:  – 

G2 (Chinese) Download PDF  or PPT

G2 (English) Download PDF  or PPT

G3 (English) Download PDF  or PPT


Stories of a Trusteepreneur :

Date: 2nd Dec 2015
Venue:  Jakarta, Indonesia
Organised by:  i3L (Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences) 

Presentation Materials:  – Download PDF  or PPT


Confessions of a Business Family Strategist:

From Numbers Man to Mentor

Date: 19 Nov 2015
Venue:  Fireside Chat @ The Library
Organised by:  SUTD, Singapore

Presentation Materials:  – Download PDF  or PPT


Creating a Shared Vision for the Next Generation of a Business Family

Date: 10th Nov 2015
Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia
Organised by:  i3L (Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences)

Presentation Materials:  – Download PDF  or PPT


The Asia Pacific Family Investment Conference 2015

Returns &Values: Investing for the Future

“How Asian Chinese Families look at the rate of return when investing?”
How the acronym RATE guides ethnic Chinese families when investing – Rate Of Return, Alignment, Time and Emotion.

Date: 20th May 2015
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel
Organised by: Campden Wealth

Presentation Materials:  – Download PDF


Programme for Advisors:

Working with Family Dynamics

Date:   7th & 8th April 2015
Venue:  Singapore Management University
Organised by: SMU BFI Educates

Presentation Materials: Download PDF


Transcontinental Trusts: Asia

“Protecting the Four Capitals of the Asian Chinese Business Families”

  1. The Psychology and Meaning of Wealth
  2. The Four Overlaying Circles of Wealth Management at Different Stages in Life
  3. The Four Capitals of Asian Chinese Business Families
  4. How Structuring helps family to escape conflicts and protect wealth

Organised by: IBC Global Conferences
Date:  25th March 2015
Venue:  Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore

Presentation materials:  Download PDF


 Agency Business Leaders’ Engagement Workshop:

“Steering Asian Chinese Family Business in Changing Times”

  1. The Psychology and Voice of Wealth
  2. Business and Talent Strategies
  3. Protecting the Capitals of the Business Families

Organised by:  AXA Life Insurance Singapore Private Limited
Date:  20th March 2015
Venue:  Paris and Melbourne Rooms, Metropolis, Singapore

Presentation materials: Download PDF


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